Scot Vighi

Scot Vighi

Scot Vighi
Director, Berkshire Breathworks


Scot joined Andie to talk about Sacred Sexuality and awakening a connection to Primal source. Scot is founder and director of the Berkshire Breathworks where he is a Chi Gong healer, Sacred Sexual healer, an advanced practitioner of Ericksonian Hyponotherapy, a Reiki Master, and a Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

Scot has spent seventeen years immersing himself in the experience of natures energy. He now teaches others how to access this energy, along with the energy of the heart—love. These capabilities are used in a step by step process to help you heal yourself.

Scot will help us understand:

– Sacred sexuality and agelessness
– Getting to know your Root Chakra
– Tantra and what it teaches us
– Relationships, spiritual path, and the doorway to heightened connectedness

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