Yogi Wisdom

Tapasyogi Nandhi
Visionary, yogi, transformational guide
Represents the mystical path of the Siddhars of South India

The most potent blessing we could ever receive from a sage, a yogi or any enlightened master is to receive the uplifting, igniting grace of our own consciousness.” – Tapasyogi Nandhi.

Tapasyogi Nandhi, representing the mystical path of the Siddhars of South India, tells Andie the secrets of reaching higher levels of consciousness, and living in joy and close to your heart purpose and path. He is a visionary, yogi, transformational guide and a humanitarian. Nandhi’s life mission is in sharing consciousness through offerings of empowering Siddhar mantras of ancient grace, through music, through the teachings of mastery of consciousness and through the inspired work of the heart as in the grand visions. He is a regular contributor to the Elephant, and just released the book, Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet.

These are moments when the intense enlightened energies of the Sages, as consciousness, reach each of us in ease. My purpose is to be the joyful instrument that can uplift humanity to amazing possibilities of consciousness. Imagine a million Mahatma Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins! This is a possibility in our times. We are the realities of this consciousness.” – Tapasyogi Nandhi.

Nandhi’s Website
Declaration of Consciousness

Songs: Dance of the Siddhars and Maha Panchakashara from the album Arakara

Books mentions: Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet and Autobiography of a Yogi

Andie’s Dancing Eagle reading on gratitude

Out of Body Experiences

Albert Taylor
Former NASA engineer, OBE experiencer and author

Can one travel outside of their own body? My guest, Albert Taylor, believes we all do so nightly when we dream, we just don’t remember. What if you could remember? Listen to this interview for Albert’s insights about the out-of body-experience, and how to lucidly participate in your own. Find out what can you learn, what can you see, where can you go, and what you can do in this semi-conscious out-of-body state.

Albert Taylor is a former NASA aeronautical engineer and space researcher and #1 best selling author. “In my opinion, Dr. Albert Taylor is the number one authority on out-of-body experiences in the world. Taylor knows more details about out-of-body experiences than anyone.” Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast and DreamLand.

In this interview, Albert Taylor speaks  honestly and very personally about how he escaped his nightly fears of sleep paralysis and now soars consciously and at will through the astral plane and beyond. Some call this astral travel, or an out-of-body experience, but Taylor calls it “soul travel.” His term eloquently embodies his philosophy that we are actually powerful, spiritual beings in the midst of a human experience, rather than human beings having minor spiritual experiences.

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Sound Healing

David Gibson
Sound healing scholar and practitioner

Sound healing is a powerful tool for physical healing, brainwave entrainment, releasing stuck emotions, opening the heart, and connecting to Spirit. David Gibson is my guest in this episode of Wisdom Radio. He’s a leading scholar in the field of sound healing and therapy and is founder and director of the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness in San Francisco. His book, “The Complete Guide to Sound Healing,” is one of the top selling books in the field. David is also a recognized sound healing music composer — and in this episode we’ll hear a few of his healing songs. David has been studying esoteric systems of sound healing for over 15 years and has an in-depth understanding of the underlying physics of sound. David’s education in Physics at the University of California at Berkeley gives him a unique understanding of the way that sound affects us physically. David has been exploring the use of binaural beats for brainwave entrainment for over 10 years.

Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness

Ancient Hidden Wisdom

Marie D. Jones
Paranormal researcher and author

Behind every myth and legend, hidden within the art, song and structure of ancient times is an encoded layer of truth and wisdom, passed down throughout history — that’s still relevant today!

Paranormal researcher Marie D. Jones, a frequent guest of Wisdom Radio, joined host Andie Hight to examine sacred, symbolic imagery throughout the ancient world that continues to influence today.

According to Jones, ancient stories about seemingly mythological characters share common motifs and are likely based on real events that became fictionalized through time. Knowledge was embedded in these stories, she says. Jones recently appeared on the History Channel’s Nostradamus Effect series and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows all over the world, including Coast-to-Coast AM, Shirley Maclaine Show, NPR, as well as by dozens of magazines, newspapers and websites.

Marie D. Jones Website and www.paraexplorers.com

Energy Healing

Brett Bevell
Energy Healer, Omega Institute

This episode of Wisdom Radio explores the mystery and power of energy healing with guest, Brett Bevell of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York. So whether you’re new to the topic or feel somewhat of an expert yourself, you’re likely to appreciate the wisdom Brett presents in this interview. He has years of practical experience in energy healing and Reiki, and from studying shamanism, visionary art, and vortex healing. Brett leads Reiki training through the master level at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. He’s an energy healing expert who has written several books including, Reiki for Spiritual Healing and his latest, Energy Healing for Everyone. Brett is an in-demand trainer and remote healer. During the show, Brett did a special empowerment healing that he says will work for everyone listening to the show — even after the fact.

Brett Bevell’s Website
Energy Healing for Everyone

Indigenous Wisdom – Common Threads

Marie-Rose Phan-Lê
Filmmaker, spiritual explorer, author

This show explores the common threads of global indigenous wisdom. Many indigenous cultures are threatened or disappearing altogether. My guest, Marie-Rose Phan-Lê, and her intuitively talented family, experienced this threat directly during the Vietnam War. Now grown, Phan-Lê a filmmaker, travels the world to document sacred traditions before they disappear. She has traveled to Peru, Hawaii, Vietnam, Nepal, India and China — and there she has documented local healing practices, in the hopes of preserving some of this ancient wisdom.

Talking Story Website

Transcript of show’s Wise Words: Reawaken your connection, Dancing Eagle