Science, Metaphysics, Consciousness and the Paranormal

Marie D. Jones

Marie D. Jones

Marie D. Jones
Researcher, Author, Speaker


Marie D. Jones joined Andie to explore: what science is discovering about our own mysterious powers; glimpses beyond 2012; and how to discover purpose and manifest the future we want.

Marie is best-selling author, screenwriter, researcher, radio show host and public speaker on the mysterious intersection of science, metaphysics, consciousness and the paranormal. Jones has penned many best-selling books including, 2013: End of Days or a New Beginning – Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012, Psience – How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena, and Looking for God in all the Wrong Places among other titles.  She has also written for her father, geophysicist and author Dr. John M. Savino, on the meaning behind mysterious signs and synchronicities, and on the link between vibration, consciousness and the zero point grid.  She recently appeared on the History Channel’s Nostradamus Effect series and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows all over the world, including Coast-to-Coast AM, Shirley Maclaine Show, NPR, as well as by dozens of magazines, newspapers and websites.

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Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot

James Leininger (L) and fighter pilot James Huston (R)

James Leininger (L) and fighter pilot James Huston (R)

Andrea and Bruce Leininger
Authors and Parents


Join Andie Hight for a conversation with young James Leininger’s parents, Andrea and Bruce, who recently wrote a book chronicling their son’s amazing reincarnation story.

Around the time of his second birthday, James began having nightmares that just wouldn’t stop. When he began to relay detailed memories of planes and war tragedies no two-year-old boy could know, Bruce and Andrea Leininger began to realize that this was an incredible situation.

Listen now as they’ll tell us about their book, SOUL SURVIVOR, the story of how the Leiningers pieced together what their son was communicating and eventually discovered that he was reliving the past life of World War II fighter pilot James Huston. As Bruce Leininger struggled to understand what was happening to his son, he also uncovered details of James Huston’s life– and death– as a fighter pilot who was shot down during World War II.

The Leiningers’ belief system was shaken to the core as they have come to know a little boy who, against all odds and even in the face of true skeptics, harbors the soul of this man who died long ago.

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Past Life Regression

Charles Tramont, MD
Past Life Therapist


tramontDo you have a past life? Dr. Tramont  thinks you most likely do!  Dr. Charles is an author and physician of 35-years who now specializes in treating patients by making use of hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. In addition to his prominent medical career, Tramont achieved the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, serving in the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.

Dr. Tramont’s told us of his research and why he is now convinced past lives and reincarnation are real.

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Wisdom Through Music

Andrew Hyra solo album SPILL

Andrew Hyra solo album SPILL

Andrew Hyra


Andrew Hyra takes Andie on a wild musical journey. It’s a highly entertaining and enjoyable show! Hyra is an independent acoustic performer/songwriter known for his amazing vocal range and down-home lyrics spun from life’s joys and heartbreaks. He was founding member of the melodic folk/rock duo Billy Pilgrim with Kristian Bush of Sugarland. Hyra has shared the stage with such artists as John Mayer, Melissa Etheridge, the Cowboy Junkies, Richard Thompson, and others. His latest collection, Curios, will soon be released on CD.

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Ancient Pyramid Mysteries

Carmen Boulter and The Pyramid Code

Carmen Boulter and The Pyramid Code

Dr. Carmen Boulter
Producer, The Pyramid Code


Dr Carmen Boulter of the University of Calgary in Canada is part researcher, part brave explorer – venturing into deep and dark places full of danger and mystery in search of the most elusive answers to life’s larger questions. She has an unshakable passion for the Pyramids and ancient Egyptian sites along the Nile, having  traveled there more than 25 times since 1977! Through embassy support, approval from the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Minister of Defense, Carmen has secured unprecedented access to the Pyramid sites for research and filming. The culmination of her extensive research was just released as a 5-part DVD series, The Pyramid Code.

In this show, we learned:

• Clues about who the Ancients were and what they knew
• That the pyramids are likely much older than traditional Egyptology would have us believe
• What the ancient megalithic sites tell us about matriarchal patriarchal balance
• Advanced Ancient technology very likely did exist
• Secrets hidden within the ancient sites in plain view
• Clues to the spiritual powers of mankind

Carmen Boulter’s Pyramid Code Website

Birth and the Wise Woman Tradition

Amy Long (left), Doula AND Whapio Diane Bartlett Midwife and Duola

Amy Long (left), Doula AND Whapio Diane Bartlett, Midwife and Duola

Amy Long and Whapio Diane Bartlett
Doulas and Midwife


In this show, my two guests helped us remember the “Wise Woman Tradition” — the oldest known healing practice on our planet. Whapio Diane Bartlett of North Carolina and Amy Long of Georgia are practitioners of this tradition. A core belief of the Wise Woman Tradition is that a woman contains within an innate wisdom to guide her through the experience of birth and delivery. Whapio and Amy are Doulas, trained and experienced in the art of providing continuous physical, emotional and womanly support to mothers and their families before, during and after birth. They empower their clients by helping them balance ancient traditions with current medical practices as needed, to maximize the positive outcomes of the birth experience for all involved.

Most pregnant women are removed from their innate wisdom and power centers and subjected to impersonal and sometimes invasive medical procedures to bring life into the world on a schedule that’s often not their own. Those who practice the Wise Woman Tradition also embrace the concept of healing wisdom passed from one generation to the next, and practice the womanly art of supporting and empowering those in need during all life transitions including birth, death, marriage, and crisis.  If you’re a woman who seeks to understand your inner wisdom better, or if you’re involved with a woman who you’d like to empower, or if you wish to get more in touch with the divine feminine within you if you’re a man, than join us for this fascinating trip back through time on Native Wisdom where we strive to remember who we are and what we know!

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Near Death Experiences and Evidence of the Afterlife

Jody Long, paranormal researcher and author

Jody Long, paranormal researcher and author

Jody Long
Author and Researcher


Jody Long joined Andie to explore the phenomenon of Near Death Experience and evidence of the afterlife. A Near Death Experience, or NDE, is when someone is clinically dead for a period of time, and then comes back to life with experiences of the “after life”.

Jody Long, together with her husband Dr. Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry, wrote the book “Evidence of the Afterlife”, a New York Times bestseller. It is one of the largest scientific studies of the Near Death Experience (NDE) ever presented, and is based on researching over 1300 NDEs.

Jody reviewed the nine lines of evidence that we have consciousness beyond the body after death, and experience that spans all age groups, races, and religious affiliations globally. Join us for a trip to the afterlife on Native Wisdom.

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Loving Life & Healing with Bernie Siegel

Bernie Siegel, MD

Bernie Siegel, MD with friends

Dr. Bernie Siegel
Best-selling author and inspiration


Listen to a fascinating conversation with Bernie Siegel about the spiritual aspects of healing our lives, feeling versus thinking, learning from adversity, listening to our heart voices, moving beyond the darkness in our lives to love and light. Bernie has touched so many lives all over our planet. As a physician, who has cared for and counseled innumerable people who’s mortality has been threatened by an illness, Bernie embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues our society grapples with today. He continues to assist in the breaking of new ground in the field of healing and personally struggling to live the message of kindness and love.

In 1986 his first book, Love. Medicine & Miracles was published. This event redirected his life. In 1989 Peace, Love & Healing and in 1993 How To Live Between Office Visits followed. He is currently working on other books with the goal of humanizing medical education and medical care, as well as, empowering patients and teaching survival behavior to enhance immune system competency. Bernie’s realization that we all need help dealing with the difficulties of life, not just the physical ones, led to Bernie writing his fourth book in 1998 Prescriptions for Living. It helps people to become aware of the eternal truths and wisdom of the sages through Bernie’s stories and insights rather than wait a personal disaster. He wants to help people fix their lives before they are broken, and thus not have to become strong at the broken places. Published in 2003 are Help Me To Heal to empower patients and their caregivers and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul, in 2004 a children’s book about how difficulties can become blessings, Smudge Bunny, in 2005 101 Exercises For The Soul and out in the Fall of 2006 a prescriptions for parenting book Love, Magic & Mud Pies. Published in 2008 Buddy’s Candle, for children of all ages, related to dealing with the loss of a loved one, be it a pet or parent, and to be published in 2009 Faith, Hope & Healing with “survivor stories and my reflections about what they teach us.”


Listen to Janine Lex on the Healer Within

Dr. Janine Lex

Dr, Janine Lex

Dr. Janine Lex
Mind/Body Medicine Pioneer


Meet Dr. Janine Lex, a pioneer of mind/body medicine with her Global Healing center in Virginia Beach which promotes healing by activating the innate healer within each of us. Together with her team, she combines eastern and western natural medicine with transformative bodywork to create an unprecedented approach to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness and self discovery.

Her integrated approach is sought after by those who have not found relief elsewhere. A former community-based professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Dr. Lex has taught medical students about natural, holistic and integrated medicine. Spanning the continum of health services education she continues to lecture for expanding integration of healthy living to bodyworkers and patients.

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Haverford Wellness Center

Spiritual Intuition and Angels

Sharon Massoth

Sharon Massoth

Sharon Massoth
Psychotherapist and Intuitive


Andie Hight’s first guest was Sharon Massoth, a psychotherapist of 35 years, a certified professional coach and a gifted intuitive.

In her Intuitive View Coaching business, Sharon provides sessions for clients all across the U.S. — often working “behind the scenes” with corporate leaders to give them that “intuitive secret recipe” for personal and business success. She is highly skilled in giving insight regarding relationship questions, life threatening illnesses and life purpose. She helps clients find answers to the “What am I here for?” and “Why is this happening to me?” questions with insight, compassion and sometimes levity. Sharon says,“We are all intuitive and we all have helper guides I often call our ‘angel team’. Their sole mission is supporting our life purpose and helping us to come into wholeness.”