Spirits with You

I am with those in the spirit realm. We are those who have gone before. The source of all Creation looks to us to help the living navigate and stay in touch with the divine in their lives. We can only offer help and guidance when you quiet your mind and choose to hear us, or sense us through your intuition.

Find others on the crossroads of change and reach out to them. Look for them. My words are coming to you as we enter a special age – an energetic age that will enable those who wish to see, hear, and feel the truth in their lives. You are needed now. Do not hold back; step forward. Offer yourself in loving kindness to others on the cusp. You will know what to do if you learn to listen with a loving and open heart.

— Excerpted from upcoming book, Dancing Eagle Speaks, by Andie Hight

Reawaken your connection

Remember who you are. Reawaken your connection to the Earth, to the rivers, to the rhythm of life. If you have no trees or water nearby, look no farther than your own body to help you remember. In quietness, feel your blood flow, and remember you’re like a river opening to the sea. Feel your heart beat, as the tides pound upon the shore. Feel the weight of gravity pull you towards the Earth, to the Mother of all, and remember your love for her. Let this awareness ground you, heal you, connect you to the oneness of all that exists on Earth and beyond.”

Excerpted from Andie Hight’s upcoming book, Dancing Eagle Speaks: A wise spirit guide’s messages


Gratitude is the key

Thankfulness is the universal emotion, and thus language. When true, it brings all into alignment in self, and with self to beyond. It is the great modulator of energy waves and synchronicity. Gratitude is the heart of the universal intelligence that blankets the Earth and stars. The opposite of thankfulness, greed and want unravels through implosion. One emotion ties us to a great strength and to the continuum; one sucks us into ourselves like a black hole.

The happiest souls are those with few needs and a deep-seated sense of gratitude for the smallest of things. Gratitude is the great attractor of energy, other beings, good fortune, health, and peace. It illuminates the light of universal love within that guides us. The glow of contentment attracts more of what we’re thankful for into our path – as a campfire attracts passersby.

Taking things for granted or moving through life for self alone snuffs out the fire light, leaving one to grapple for a path in the dark. Unfortunate accidents or getting mired in the muck become more frequent events in the lives of those who cannot see beyond themselves. And yet, the source of illumination is within all and easily switched on with a simple shift of focus. Frequent meditation or prayer that moves from asking, to thanking, is the key.

Excerpt from Andie’s upcoming book, Dancing Eagle Speaks, a wise spirit guide’s messages