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“Love Andie’s show and have become an instant fan. She brings a great sense of hope and peace to my day.”

“I am very grateful for discovering Wisdom Radio. I seek continuously to expand my understanding of what it means to be human and to explore the mysterious aspects of life. Andie and her guests delve deeply into subjects that help shed light on my journey. Each time I listen, I am inspired to continue on my quest to be alive and awake.”
Ann V. S. – CT

“Andie, my compliments on an excellent interview. As Dallas and Greg’s grandfather I have heard and read many of their interviews including national TV and publications, but they all addressed accomplishments and plans for the future. By the very nature of your show, you explored each person – their values, their beliefs and the home life that made it all possible. As a doting grandfather, it was music to my ears. Thank you.”
Gene Paschal