Carmen Boulter and The Pyramid Code

Carmen Boulter and The Pyramid Code

Dr. Carmen Boulter
Producer, The Pyramid Code

Dr Carmen Boulter of the University of Calgary in Canada is part researcher, part brave explorer – venturing into deep and dark places full of danger and mystery in search of the most elusive answers to life’s larger questions. She has an unshakable passion for the Pyramids and ancient Egyptian sites along the Nile, having  traveled there more than 25 times since 1977! Through embassy support, approval from the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Minister of Defense, Carmen has secured unprecedented access to the Pyramid sites for research and filming. The culmination of her extensive research was just released as a 5-part DVD series, The Pyramid Code.

In this show, we learned:

• Clues about who the Ancients were and what they knew
• That the pyramids are likely much older than traditional Egyptology would have us believe
• What the ancient megalithic sites tell us about matriarchal patriarchal balance
• Advanced Ancient technology very likely did exist
• Secrets hidden within the ancient sites in plain view
• Clues to the spiritual powers of mankind

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