Jody Long, paranormal researcher and author

Jody Long, paranormal researcher and author

Jody Long
Author and Researcher

Jody Long joined Andie to explore the phenomenon of Near Death Experience and evidence of the afterlife. A Near Death Experience, or NDE, is when someone is clinically dead for a period of time, and then comes back to life with experiences of the “after life”.

Jody Long, together with her husband Dr. Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry, wrote the book “Evidence of the Afterlife”, a New York Times bestseller. It is one of the largest scientific studies of the Near Death Experience (NDE) ever presented, and is based on researching over 1300 NDEs.

Jody reviewed the nine lines of evidence that we have consciousness beyond the body after death, and experience that spans all age groups, races, and religious affiliations globally. Join us for a trip to the afterlife on Native Wisdom.

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