James Leininger (L) and fighter pilot James Huston (R)

James Leininger (L) and fighter pilot James Huston (R)

Andrea and Bruce Leininger
Authors and Parents

Join Andie Hight for a conversation with young James Leininger’s parents, Andrea and Bruce, who recently wrote a book chronicling their son’s amazing reincarnation story.

Around the time of his second birthday, James began having nightmares that just wouldn’t stop. When he began to relay detailed memories of planes and war tragedies no two-year-old boy could know, Bruce and Andrea Leininger began to realize that this was an incredible situation.

Listen now as they’ll tell us about their book, SOUL SURVIVOR, the story of how the Leiningers pieced together what their son was communicating and eventually discovered that he was reliving the past life of World War II fighter pilot James Huston. As Bruce Leininger struggled to understand what was happening to his son, he also uncovered details of James Huston’s life– and death– as a fighter pilot who was shot down during World War II.

The Leiningers’ belief system was shaken to the core as they have come to know a little boy who, against all odds and even in the face of true skeptics, harbors the soul of this man who died long ago.

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