Zen DeBrucke
Author, Inspirational Teacher, Speaker

Zen DeBruckeThere are times in our lives when we’re faced with major life-shaping decisions. What to do? What’s the best choice? How do we decide? Tonight’s guest, Zen DeBrucke believes she may have the answer. She shows us how to be present to the continuous guidance that is being provided by our “Internal Guidance System” or IGS as she calls it.

Our IGS allows us to receive consistent, successful results in life. Zen is the author of “The Smart Soul: Discovering Your Internal Guidance System, Transform Anxiety into Success and Fulfillment” which provides the practices and inspiration to live authentically as joy and truth. She also is co-founder of Smart Soul Academy, an online training system to help people master the art of following their truth.

Visit Zen DeBrucke’s Website.

About the Author
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