Albert Taylor Ph.D.

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Can one travel outside of their own body? Some believe we do so nightly when we dream. What can you learn, what can you see, where can you go, and can you do this all in a semi-conscious state? Can out-of-body experiences help shape our destinies? Former NASA aeronautical engineer and space researcher, Albert Taylor, thinks so. In his LA Times #1 best selling book, Soul Traveler, Taylor shines a light into the tunnel of the unconscious mind.

“In my opinion, Dr. Albert Taylor is the number one authority on out-of-body experiences in the world. Taylor knows more details about out-of-body experiences than anyone.” Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast and DreamLand.

Albert Taylor speaks¬† honestly and very personally about how he escaped his nightly fears of sleep paralysis and now soars consciously and at will through the astral plane. Some call this astral travel, or an out-of-body experience, but Taylor calls it “soul travel.” His term eloquently embodies his philosophy that we are actually powerful, spiritual beings in the midst of a human experience, rather than human beings having minor spiritual experiences.

Join Andie for a delightful interview with the very friendly, accessible, down to earth and out of this world, Albert Taylor.

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