Wisdom Radio, now in its 10th year, is a much-loved, commercial-free interview-style podcast that provides listeners with a grounding and uplifting experience to fuel their own mind-body-spirit balance.  The show is currently in the 75th percentile on iTunes podcasts, meaning it receives more listens per episode than approximately 75% of the other podcasts on iTunes!

Andie Hight is the producer and host of Wisdom Radio. Andie started the podcast in 2010, driven by her own curiosity, health challenges that were not responding to traditional medicine, and a personal spiritual awakening. She quickly realized her growing audience shared her thirst for validation of intuitive experiences, spiritual connectedness, natural healing  and desire for personalempowerment. WisdomRadio.org is averaging around 3,700 daily visits, 115,000 monthly, and around 1.4 million visitors annually from all over the world. Andie is an award-winning journalist of twenty-years who is also a gifted spiritual intuitive. In 2020 and beyond, she is appealing to her loyal listener-base to support the growth of the show to 5 days a week. Learn how you can help, and get some great goodies in the process! Thank you.