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Birth and the Wise Woman Tradition

Amy Long and Whapio Diane Bartlett Doulas and Midwife In this show, my two guests helped us remember the “Wise Woman Tradition” — the oldest known healing practice on our planet. Whapio Diane Bartlett of North Carolina and Amy Long of Georgia are practitioners of this tradition. A core belief of the Wise Woman Tradition…

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Near Death Experiences and Evidence of the Afterlife

Jody Long Author and Researcher Jody Long joined Andie to explore the phenomenon of Near Death Experience and evidence of the afterlife. A Near Death Experience, or NDE, is when someone is clinically dead for a period of time, and then comes back to life with experiences of the “after life”. Jody Long, together with…

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Loving Life & Healing with Bernie Siegel

Dr. Bernie Siegel Best-selling author and inspiration Listen to a fascinating conversation with Bernie Siegel about the spiritual aspects of healing our lives, feeling versus thinking, learning from adversity, listening to our heart voices, moving beyond the darkness in our lives to love and light. Bernie has touched so many lives all over our planet….

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Listen to Janine Lex on the Healer Within

Dr. Janine Lex Mind/Body Medicine Pioneer Meet Dr. Janine Lex, a pioneer of mind/body medicine with her Global Healing center in Virginia Beach which promotes healing by activating the innate healer within each of us. Together with her team, she combines eastern and western natural medicine with transformative bodywork to create an unprecedented approach to…

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Spiritual Intuition and Angels

Sharon Massoth Psychotherapist and Intuitive Andie Hight’s first guest was Sharon Massoth, a psychotherapist of 35 years, a certified professional coach and a gifted intuitive. In her Intuitive View Coaching business, Sharon provides sessions for clients all across the U.S. — often working “behind the scenes” with corporate leaders to give them that “intuitive secret…

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